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Select a file (picture, voice recording, video, music, etc) and click Send File.


Please use the lowest resolution available for recording voice or video and for taking pictures.
BEFORE YOU SEND VIDEO - You should always be aware of the size of the files you are managing. 1 Mega Pixel picture taken with your camera will take up approx 1Mb and to upload this file with your smartphone will take approx 2mins. There is not much point in taking a larger picture than a monitor can display, unless you either zoom in or go to print. There is no difference in quality when you open a 1M pixel snap and an 8M pixel picture on the same screen.

Video takes up a lot more space, 1Mb/sec. In HD quality (1920x1080) it adds up really quick and you need to realise how long it will take to travel across the internet (Two minutes for every second of video!). Do you really need that high quality, versus 320x240 size which only produces 1Mb every 5 seconds (2mins via phone or 10secs via broadband).

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